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Kami supply smart film dan smart glass di Jakarta Indonesia, dengan mesin produksi sendiri. Sehingga bisa memenuhi kebutuhan custom dari customer



Smart Film Glass Studio Door

The switchable smart glass is the end product after lamination with PDLC smart film. 

smart film

Self Adhesive Smart Film
The self-adhesive smart film is an improved product from the original smart film, with a self-adhesive cling layer on the



Whether you have a boardroom meeting, a private interview , Smart Glass & Smart Film puts you in control. From partitioning a shared office for increased productivity to having low profile window treatments the possibilities are endless.


Smart Film DOORS

Save on energy consumption, decrease interior damage due to sun exposure, improved security, and a modern, low maintenance window privacy solution, look no further. Smart Glass & Smart Film is the future of residential window treatments and on-demand privacy control.


Smart Film SHOWER Area

Whether we are thinking of a small change or an entire rebuilding of one’s bathroom, Smart Glass & smart Film could be a perfect solution to keep it both clean and functional. Available glass partitions could visually add space and provide more light than before. Often bathrooms get smaller and require a special “dividing space” to help keep one’s privacy.


Applicable On All Types Of
Smart Film

Residential, Commercial and Industrial glass applications. Smart Film offers a new, affordable and innovative alternative to conventional glass treatments, while providing unprecedented privacy control.



Bring you an easy-control space. Improving enterprise image, security and privacy. Creating a high elegant business atmosphere.



Installing at hotel shower room,it enhances delight & romantic atmosphere for the guest.



As the replacement of curtains, switchable glass is safety, sound insulation, easy clean and has better environment protecting.



Smart film can be as in rear projection screen. Can apply at bank teller window, home window, exhibition hall or shopping mall windows.

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On All Types Of
Smart Glass & Smart Film

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To All The Interior Designers, Architects, Contractors, Home Owners/Builders/Decors,
House Retrofitters(Renovators), Home Automation Integrators,Glass Fabricators, Advertising Agencies.

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